Each and every one of us has baggage, wounds and blockages that have not only made us who we are physically and emotionally, but our life has become "our story" that we share with the world and is the frame in which we live our lives.

What is your story?

Are you living your true souls purpose, with an inner fire so radiant that you bounce out of bed, you embrace every day life & have an abundance of love & energy to share???

Hmmmm NO you say?  WHY? Do you want to change? Do you want a new story, free of depression, pain, anxiety and all of the myriad of other physical or emotional signs and symptoms that your body is giving you?

Time to get off the emotional roller coaster, embrace your divine feminine power, explore your energy for life, love & creation..

Become the Woman You Want to Be, Become the Divine Goddess

Heal & Reveal your True Potent Self

About Your Coach & Practitioner

I am a real life, ordinary woman with HUGE dreams.

Asa mother, a lover, intuitive healer, heart centred soul sista, I have fought my share of battles from single motherhood & borderline alcoholism to depression & threatened bankruptcy.


I’ve had massive business failure & beautiful business successes, I have been broken hearted & down trodden to wildly in love & empowered by life and all its ups and downs.


Throughout my life journey I have discovered ways of accessing the deeper truth within myself.


I have truly lived & over the last 20years I have been privileged enough to hold space for women all over the world to deepen their own truth, to help them get a better understanding of themselves & facilitate their abilities to step fully into who they want to be so that they can live the life they truly desire – consciously and purposefully.

I look forward to working with you.



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