Kristie is a registered acupuncturist, energetic kinesiologist, reiki practitioner & soul connection coach with over 20yrs experience.


Kristie strongly believes that we all hold the ability to heal ourselves but when our body & our mind stop communicating due to stress, emotional constraint, somewhere along the road of life we become disconnected and dis-ease or imbalance occurs.

With a potent blend of Natural Therapies, Kristie brings energy, clarity & pure nurturing energy to every consultation. As your body, mind & spirit cannot be separated, every aspect of you will be tended to & nurtured so that blockages can move & healing can happen.

Every treatment is unique to you & how you are physically, emotionally & energetically. By using a combination of Japanese Acupuncture & 5 element Acupuncture, Kristie also weaves in energetic kinesiology, meditation, flower essences, essential oils, acupressure and more to help your system recognise its own innate healing abilities & helps to remove any blockages that have been keeping you stuck.


Are you ready to Awaken your Inner Fire, Your Innate Potency & Realign to who you True and Authentic Self?

An insight into what you can expect from a treatment with Kristie

Kristie is a classical acupuncturist. This means that treatments focus on a very deep level both physically and energetically to help you on your path back to health.

Her view on health is one that encompasses the "whole" person not just the presenting symptoms. Diagnosis and assessment takes into account every facet of life including work, lifestyle, posture, emotions, family history and diet so that an overall picture can be painted about possible causes of illness as well as home recommendations given so that the client can gain more in depth body awareness and take their health back into their own hands.

Consultations are strictly on a one-on-one basis with treatment times ranging from half an hour to one hour in duration. Kristie also may incorporate other modalities within Chinese medicine and Natural Therapies into a consultation depending on your each individuals specific needs.

Common Aliments Kristie Treats:

    • Menopause

    • Hormonal Imbalance

    • Depression

    • Anxiety

    • Fatigue

    • Migraines

    • Pregnancy Support

    • Fertility

    • Birth preparation

    • Major Life Transitions

    • Pain

    • Trauma &

    • More


Working with acupuncture and other modalities enables Kristie to work on a level that helps to unlock any underlying emotional causes to dis-ease and dis-order.




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